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Our Whatcom County DUI Defense lawyers have more than 20 years of legal experience defending those accused of DUI in Whatcom County courts. We get results for our Whatcom County clients and help them through every step of the very tricky Bellingham criminal defense process. It is this experienced, dedication to our DUI clients and their needs, and attention to detail that makes us the best choice when considering a Whatcom County Defense DUI attorney.

Our Bellingham office services all of our Bellingham and Whatcom County clients.  Our DUI and criminal defense focus keeps us close to both the Bellingham Municipal Court and Whatcom County District Court.  Because we only practice criminal and DUI defense we have a level of knowledge and experience that cannot be matched by other Whatcom County DUI Defense lawyers.  There is probably no area of this law that we haven't either written about or more important, practiced.  Our familiarity with DUI law keeps us up to date with the many changes in the laws including the most recent additions requiring mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device following an arrest for driving under the influence if you have a prior charge.  Such knowledge is critical to our clients when they are facing court immediately following an arrest and have their freedom on the line.  Call our local Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys for a free consultation following your arrest in Bellingham

Bellingham DUIs - Courts and Prosecutors are Tougher than Ever

Over the past several years the Washington State Legislature has changed the driving under the influence laws extensively.  The politics involved in Driving Under the Influence laws have resulted in many more penalties that Judges and Prosecutors can impose on unsuspecting defendants.  Some of these additions have included the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle should you arrested for a second (or greater) DUI, the addition of pretrial probation monitoring (being on probation before you are even convicted of a crime, pretrial alcohol monitoring while the case is pending, higher bail amounts imposed at first court appearances and the addition of the marijuana DUI law.

In addition to these many changes in the law local prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement are better trained to deal with DUI cases.  Whatcom County and Bellingham prosecuting attorneys are far better equipped to handle the rigors of prosecuting a DUI case.  This confirms the need for proper criminal defense representation.  Years ago the average DUI lawyer could appear in court and simply request a better offer and frequently such an offer would be easily obtained.  This is now far from reality.  Thankfully the attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly are well trained in defending all criminal cases.  This knowledge of law the law and science allow the Firm to obtain superior results for their clients.  If you have been arrested call the Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys at the Firm now. Defending good people in difficult times is what they do.  Call their DUI lawyers in Whatcom County today.

The Whatcom County DUI Handbook

David Jolly is the author of 14 DUI and Traffic books.  His latest book is written specifically for those arrested for DUI in Whatcom County.  This book, The Whatcom DUI Handbook is available to all of our inquiries as all you need to do is click on the button and a free downloadable version will appear on your screen.

One of the biggest concerns you undoubtedly have following an arrest is how much will this all cost.  Obviously one of the largest expenses will be hiring a Whatcom County DUI attorneys.  We understand that you have not prepared for such an event and have therefore been sensitive to our pricing.  We offer different attorney fees depending on who you decide to hire and spread out our payments over several months with a low retainer.  You will find that our fees for representation in your Whatcom County DUI case are competitively priced and our DUI law firm is actually more affordable than many of our competitors.  Further, our level of knowledge and experience is significantly more than most other Whatcom County criminal attorneys so the value for money is substantial.  Please call our Bellingham office and talk directly to one of our Whatcom County DUI lawyers 
at (360) 293-2275 to discuss our fees and payment plans.

Our Bellingham DUI Law Firm stays on the cutting edge of all of the Washington State DUI updates and local court rule changes.  Understanding these rules, procedures and the local prosecutors and law enforcement gives our clients an edge in court.  We also regularly attend the DUI conferences in Washington and the annual National DUI Conference.  The criminal defense area is continually evolving due to technology updates and political pressure so it is important for us to stay ahead of other lawyers in Bellingham who practice DUI defense.

Uncompromising Whatcom County DUI Attorneys

If you have been charged with a Whatcom County DUI, you must appear at Whatcom County District Court in Bellingham if it is considered a State case or Bellingham Municipal case if it is a City case. Often you must appear in court the very next business day! Please contact our Whatcom County DUI Law Firm at (360) 293-2275 for a free consultation.

If you have been charged with a DUI or any criminal offense in Whatcom County you have a great deal at stake.  You have your freedom, your license and perhaps even your job at risk.  You need the best criminal defense attorneys in Bellingham
, lawyers who will aggressively pursue the best result possible.  The attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have years of experience and can help you during this difficult time.

For detailed information on your driving under the influence case in Whatcom County please check out the most detailed DUI website
in Washington State or call one of our experienced Whatcom County DUI Defense attorneys for your free consultations.


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If you have been arrested for DUI in Whatcom County you will likely be facing a court date immediately.  Do not go to Court unprepared! Get informed by downloading a free copy of the Whatcom County DUI Handbook by clicking the button near the top right of this page. The Book provides detailed information on the Whatcom County DUI process, the DOL hearing and license information and all the requirements the Court may make you follow.  Obviously it is also important that you speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Whatcom County.

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Your Driver's License

DUI Defense Whatcom County WA
Your driver's license is important to you and your family.  However, an arrest for driving under the influence in Whatcom County puts your privilege to drive at risk. Following your arrest for drunk driving you have 20 days to request a DOL driver's hearing. The officer should have given you the correct form but if not, please contact our office and we will forward one to you.  Approximately two weeks after you mail (certified) the hearing request form to the Department of Licensing you will receive a package containing.  It is important to note that the DOL is not an easy organization to deal with an success only comes with the assistance of an experienced Whatcom County DUI Defense Attorney.
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